Performance Troupe FAQs

Please contact our office if you have a question that we haven’t answered below.

Do I have to buy my child’s costume?

Yes. All costumes for ONE2STEP’s performance troupe are invoiced to parents. If the costumes are only going to be used once or twice then parents will be charged a hire fee. Parent’s will be notified when the hire option is available.

Can I miss a rehearsal?

We strongly encourage mandatory attendance for all performance troupe classes. When students are absent, it impacts all the other dancers in their preparation. Attendance is very important to the team of dancers that we have at ONE2STEP Dance Academy. If one student is allowed to be absent, it creates a precedent for others to be absent in preparing for competition. If students miss more then 2 Troupe classes a Term for reasons other than severe illness or prior engagements, they will be asked to discontinue Troupe. Please notify the Director if you are aware you are going to miss a class. We feel that it is important for students to be committed to their preparation for the stage and not let their teammates down.

Does my child have to do ballet in order to be selected in Performance Troupe?

Yes. All students wishing to be considered for Performance Troupe selection must already be doing at least one ballet class a week, as well as one jazz class.