What is involved in a ONE2STEP Senior Concert?

At the end of every year, ONE2STEP Dance Academy produces a professionally presented Concert, which showcases all the students’ hard work during the year.  The concert is held at The Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre (The Q) and all students are encouraged to participate.  It is, however, not compulsory for students to participate in the concert and if they do not wish to do so you will need to advise your class teacher by the start of Term 3. 

Naturally there are costs associated with participating in the Concert, which include, but are not limited to:

  • The costume/s see Uniforms page
  • Hair items – pins, bun net etc.
  • Accessories – stockings etc.
  • Make up
  • Contribution to hire of dress rehearsal hall

If your child chooses to participate in the Concert they will be required to attend the Dress Rehearsal and both days of the Concert and follow instructions.   You will be advised closer to the dates of your child’s arrival time, which must be adhered to or your child will miss their performance rehearsal. In the past the Concerts have been held on the Saturday at 6pm and the Sunday at 2pm. Dates are already on the website.

On both Dress Rehearsal and Concert days all children are supervised and assisted by volunteer Parent Helpers. (If you would like to be a parent helper please email the academy. You will need to ensure you have a volunteer WWCC)

Professional photos are taken at the dress rehearsal/concert and a video is produced of the Concert and families can order both of these.

What is involved in a ONE2STEP Junior Concert?

This concert is for any students 6 years and under (Primary Ballet, 6U Jazz, Level 0 Tap, READY SET DANCE, READY SET BALLET). This concert is tailored for our younger students – less commitments, with a shorter 11am matinee show held at The Q Theatre on the Sunday. Dress Rehearsal and Technical runs will not be required. Again, however this concert is not compulsory.

Don’t worry, students will still receive a costume/s and have the opportunity to wear some makeup. We will also have this show filmed and have concert t-shirts available for this show!

Parents are able to remain with their child the entire time, except when it’s time to perform. Due to The Q’s OH&S requirements parents are not permitted side stage. If you would like to watch your child, you will need to purchase a ticket for the show.