1. STUDENT DETAILS: All information provided will be kept in strict confidentiality of ONE2STEP Dance Academy. 

2. FEES: Invoices will be emailed out each Term. Fees must be paid by week 2 of each term OR by the specified date. Failure to pay these fees by the date may mean your child’s place will be offered to students on the waiting list. In addition, a late fee of $20 will be added to your invoice. Our preferred payment method is via direct debit. These details will appear on the bottom of your invoice. Payment plans are available for families upon request. Students are charged for the entire term regardless of number of classes attended. We do not provide refunds for missed classes or change of mind. Credits or makeup classes will be provided in these circumstances.

3. CONCERT: ONE2STEP is proud to showcase an annual Christmas concert. Involvement in this concert will incur additional fees for costumes, footwear and accessories. Payment of these fees is mandated if you wish your child to perform. Absence from the concert can be notified up until the completion of Term 3 without payment. If a costume is ordered for your child yet your child is unable to perform payment is still compulsory. 

4. UNIFORM: ONE2STEP Dance Academy aims to train young dancers to reach their full potential, therefore it is essential that they adhere to the dress code at all times. Please refer to our handbook for details. 

5. FIRST AID: I give permission for the teacher/s to administer First Aid and seek emergency medical assistance if necessary. I understand that I, my child or children participate in all ONE2STEP Dance Academy activities at my/their own risk. I understand that some physical contact from the teaching staff may be required for corrective purposes. 

6: CHOREOGRAPHY: Choreography (including music and costuming) remains the sole property of ONE2STEP Dance Academy and may not be performed without prior consent. This includes group routines, Troupe routines and Solo routines. 

7. PARENTS: Parents are not permitted to watch any class throughout the term. An open day will be held later in the year for parents to watch student’s progress.

8: PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Classes do not run on public holidays unless specified.

9. PHOTO RELEASE:  Often One2Step Dance Academy will be taking photographs or videos of students to be used for marketing, promotional purposes and on the website. If you would not like your child’s photo to be used please notify us by email.