Students need to have a good attendance record, especially to troupe rehearsals and performances. Being in troupe is about being an integral member of a team, and any time that a student is absent from rehearsal or missing on stage, it truly affects the entire group. Missing too many rehearsals and/or performances will put your child’s position in troupe at risk. 

It is at the Director’s discretion how many, and which routines each student is involved in. This may mean that young or new students are limited to one or two routines for a period of time. Also, due to time restraints, costuming and choreography, at times it is not possible to increase numbers in routines. Students will be added to routines as time allows and also when the Director feels they are ready.

Expectations of Troupe Students and Parents:
  1. Being present for all rehearsals – Parents and students must understand that routines are continually being choreographed and if they are absent from class they risk being left out of routines or sections of routines. Please understand that this is in no way meant as a punishment or reflection of the student’s skills and abilities.
  2. Being prepared to commit to eisteddfods/performances and interstate travel – Performance dates are released to parents as soon as they become available. We understand that there are times when other commitments prevent students attending these events throughout the year. Parents are responsible for all travel and accommodation for any interstate performances.
  3. Understanding that Troupe involves extra costume fees and costuming items – These are always provided to parents prior to performances.
  4. Understanding that Troupe performers are a team – As a team students need to be prepared and on time to all rehearsals, eisteddfods and performances. It is essential that as a parent you understand the commitment both you and your child are making to the troupe when signing up.

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